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That's right, just smile. Then laugh. Then help other people to smile and laugh, okay? The current "news" is enough to make most of us want to grab some chocolate and sit in our closets with a good book. That's a fine idea, for some of the time.

But it's hard to find other good food in a closet, and there's no toilet in there. If you happened to grab a bottle of wine or Scotch along with the chocolate, maybe you won't care for a while. But eventually, your body will insist that you find a bathroom. You may even want to brush your teeth and wash your face while you're in there.

Howsomever, we cannot hide out in our closets and bathrooms until life gets more palatable, because that might take a while. In the meantime--while I heartily recommend chocolate as a mainstay--how about reading some books that will lift your spirits and help you to remember that most of the people in the world are good folks?? I refuse to let "the nasties" win. I WILL, by God, have the last laugh.


Books To Amuse, Entertain, Engross and Intrigue You:

Three Bags Full, by l. Swann (a sheep mystery)

A Painted House, by J. Grisham (not a mystery)

Wicked, by G. Maguire (a different view from Dorothy's in Wizard of Oz)

Water For Elephants, by S. Gruen

The Help, by K. Stockett

The Graveyard Book, by N. Gaiman ( for everyone! not only younger readers)

Running With Sherman, by C. McDougall

Winterdance, by G. Paulsen

The Speckled Beauty, by R. Bragg

Elephant Company, by V.C. Croke

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