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Random Thoughts During the Pandemic

Some foods are more important than others. Think about spinach, often called “the whiskbroom of the bowel.” And then there’s dark chocolate, a well-known “upper” that makes us happy and content. Now I ask you….

Why are so many older people good at staying home where they are safe from the virus? Because they are eating dark chocolate.


Did you know that micturition means “the act of peeing”? So DAMN probably means “dreaded, anxious micturition needs.”


Why did God make cats? Because He couldn’t resist, even though He knew He was asking for trouble.

Why did God make dogs? Because He knew how much we’d need them.

Why did God make cows? To create milk and cream for making ice cream, fudge, cheeses, and dark chocolate.


Question: If no one is coming to my house, which is true most days during this weird time, why should I bother to put on clothing? Pajamas are easier to launder and never need ironing. If I get chocolate on them, who cares? They are pajamas.

(Simple solutions are usually best.)

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