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January 6, 2021 Did We Need More Trouble ?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021


The first five days in the New Year of 2021 were quite pleasant: vaccines on the way, a mild winter here in central Virginia, wonderful new neighbors—life was good. Except that the self-absorbed bloke in the White House summoned his minions to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, because HE was angry.

Well, he is usually angry. He doesn’t seem to understand harmony or tolerance. Instead he has cultivated a “base” of loyalists who are America’s disaffected—other angry people who think life has cheated them. Clearly, they thought it would be exciting to go to D.C. and trash the symbols of power they’d been taught to hate and distrust. If you saw their faces on TV as they broke windows, stormed doorways, and destroyed property, you could see that they were having a whee of a time.

Guess who will get to pay for that damage? Taxpayers like you and me, of course. I don’t know about you, but I really cannot afford that. Writers don’t make much money typically, and certainly not during this pandemic. I’ll have to bill Mr. Trump for his destructive party, although I know I won’t be paid. He’s already declared bankruptcy many, many times.

So…I would like to start a fund, hoping that millions will join me. This fund will repair all the damage his goons caused and send him to a psychiatric hospital in another country—preferably one of the many with a sane, sensible woman at its helm.

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